Rene Nosferatu

We were shooting new episodes of “Make-Up with The Wolf” yesterday that will play later this month. One of those episodes saw Rene turned into a horrible, terrible Buffy/Lost Boys style vampire!

This was her first experience with a full facial prosthetic and it turned out really cool!

I’ll let you know when the video is up, but for now check out some pictures of Rene as a blood sucker!

 This was prep – get the hair out of the way, prep the skin, etc.


 Even trying to look friendly, she still looked menacing.

 With Director Zeke.

 With Make-Up Artist Myke.

 Rene got in her wedding dress to do a series of Vampire Bride.

 Eating the cat!

Snaggle tooth (one of the teeth fell out).

See you tomorrow!

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