New Day, New Play & Story time with Ray!

I may have taken on more than I can handle.

As it stands right now I already have very full days and very little unoccupied time, but Rene is the lead in a play, “Earthlings Beware,” and someone had to back out leaving the production in a lurch – a lurch that has been surprisingly difficult to fill.

So I have been asked to come step in!

The play is a satire of the 50’s Sci-Fi epics like It Came From Outer Space and Them so it’s super cheesy (in a good way), lots of live special effects, and video projections. It looks like it’s going to be a LOT of fun, but it dawned on me yesterday just how much I have on my plate now.

I actually need to follow up with my insurance company RIGHT NOW because I don’t know if they’ve paid off my car yet or not. For more info on that see THIS BLOG.

And to finish off with a shameless plug today – here’s the newest “Story Time with Ray” in case you missed it yesterday.

See you tomorrow!

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