Our Crazy Cat

Our cat Charlie is… special.

He was full grown when we adopted him so he had developed all of his quirks before we even met him. He’s a very sweet, very funny cat but he was also raised on the street so, every once in a while, his inner tiger comes out!

I have scars on my hands and neck from inner tiger moments.

All fear-of-being-killed-in-my-sleep-by-my-cat aside, we love our little Charlie because of all the cute fun things he does, like this:

He attacks women he doesn’t like on the TV. When he watches “Jersey Shore” he loses his shit.

 He hangs out above the stove and watches in silent judgement as we cook.

He experiments in photography.

He hides above the cupboard – waiting to attack!

He explores the jungles of Bora Bora.

Here he is at Trevie Fountain in Italy.

And he sleeps in screwed up positions with his mouth open. He has remarkably small bottom teeth!

See you tomorrow!

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