Project 365 8-20-2010 Great Day &The Dog

GREAT DAY TODAY!  Just great!  It seems like my best meetings happen on Mondays and Fridays and this week totally followed that pattern.

Even better than the business possibilities is the fact that I’m that much closer to achieving my goal of being 100% out of ALL debt in less than five years!  It feels to good to be on this road.

Originally the picture for today was of the Hollywood sign, since all of my good news came while I was in Hollywood, but the picture sucked so I decided to use this:

Frankie loves chasing bubbles and I think that the bubble guns we got for the elopement may be his favorite new toy!

Sorry for not being more descriptive about details regarding work and stuff, but it just isn’t appropriate to list that stuff here… yet.

See you tomorrow!

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