Project 365 8-21-2010 Babies.

So, yes, Rene and I are married.  We don’t know about the whole “having babies” thing, but it seems like everyone around us is having them!  Today we helped to celebrate our friends Kristin and Jim as they welcomed their new addition to their home.

Baby Nolani (sp?) is adorable, but there were another six or thirty babies in that room all busy being cute.

The difference between married no kids and married with kids becomes wholly apparent when you are one of few married couples without in a room full of marrieds with.  The vocabulary is different, the food is different, the furniture is different, it’s a whole different world.  I’ve known people with kids my whole life, but as i get older I notice the differences more.  I still don’t know how I feel about the whole thing.

Right now we have a dog and he is a wonderful dog who is as precious to us as any child and that’s good enough for me.

Normally I’d pop up pictures of the party, but I’m not a fan of posting pictures of kids so today’s picture is of Rene enjoying a finger full of frosting from the AWESOME cake they served at the party:

I love cake.

Oh, and we had fun with physics as we played with water droplets on a tablecloth that resists moisture:

See you tomorrow!

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