Project 365 7-27-2010 Holy Crap! July is almost over!

Where the hell did the summer go?  I know that in the past I’ve been inclined to talk about how fast time seems to pass, but this summer has truly gone by in a relative flash and it’s blowing my mind!  The last two days have not had enough hours on the day to do what I’ve wanted to do.  My to do list for the week just keeps getting longer and in spite of my best efforts it’s not shrinking fast enough.  It doesn’t help that I have four different bureaucracies on the list that I’m hesitant to call just because I know that each with take about an hour and the conversation will be amazingly dull.

Ah!  I just discovered that two of the four can be taken care of with forms.  Forms I can do!  Forms come with instructions and can be done after business hours!  After business hours is good for me.

I really want to write more but I’m exhausted.  I’ll finish with today’s picture:

That’s nephew Dylan in the pool.  I was able to go to the pool for an hour today with my sister and her kids and when we got there I realized that this was the first summer water activity that I had actually had all summer!  Crazy!

See you tomorrow!


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  1. That pool looks so inviting – I need to make more swimming time in my life!

  2. Anonymous

    your nephew looks like my son !!

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