Project 365 6-17-2010 Back at Disney?!?

As some of you may or may not know, I do more than just act and produce stuff.  On occasion, when they will have me, I work corporate events.  Sometimes I host, sometimes I do speaking about leadership/motivation/team work and sometimes as a facilitator showing people how to do things.  Today was one of those events.

I was working for SMACNA – it has to do with sheet metal workers and even though one of Rene’s best friends is in charge of the O.C. branch I can never remember what the letters stand for.  What I can remember, though, is that I really like working these events!  Everyone is so friendly and I always learn a lot about buildings and construction and how things have changed over the decades.  In particular there was a book at the event that was written in 1938 describing the building codes of the time and the buildings described inside were beautiful… and nothing is made like that anymore.  I miss the attention to detail that old buildings have.  I wish there were more still being build that way.

The event was held at the Paradise Pier Hotel at the Disneyland Resort, a place where I occasionally and Rene for a while, worked!  Today’s picture is of me next to the Goofy statue in the lobby:

See you tomorrow!

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