Project 365 6-16-2010 Wedding & Cake

Today I took away the wedding planning binder from Rene so that I could look at the costs and see just how over budget we might be.

That was an awful lot to have to go over late at night so I dulled the pain with Mississippi Mud cake.

I REALLY like Mississippi Mud cake.

Today’s picture is of the binder and cake:

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, especially when it’s your own, and there’s a weird feeling to it since it’s my second and Rene’s first.  I really want her wedding to be as magical and princess-y as possible, but I could, personally, just go for a nice easy Vegas wedding.

Although it’s possible that Rene may be thinking of that as well…

…time will tell.

For now I just need to worry about how all of the current plan is going to work.

See you tomorrow!

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