Project 365 6-18-2010 Movies!

Rene has never seen the Sarah Jessica Parker motion picture epic Girls Just Want to Have Fun.  For my sister and I GJWTHF was a VHS staple when were growing up.  We would duplicate the dance moves and watch, re-watch and then watch again when the nun did the pommel horse routine!  I still love that part!

But Rene had never seen it.

When we were at Target she found the DVD for $5 when she was looking for Fantastic Mr. Fox and thought that $5 was a low enough price tag to risk not liking a movie.  So today we got that and Fantastic Mr. Fox.  We watched both.  Girls does not hold up quite as well to aged eyes.

Today’s picture is of our movies:

I can still recommend both of these highly, even if one of them benefits in a major way from nostalgia.  I’m also particularly fond of the Photoshop job done on the cover of Girls.  It’s worth a trip to Target just so you can see it in person.  I especially like how you can see the matte lines around SJP’s head.

See you tomorrow!

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