Project 365 6-10-2010 Snail Mail Tech Support

YouTube and me, we got a problem.

Well, I guess not me, exactly, but more YouTube and Wiggy VonSchtick have a problem.  I have a YouTube account for Wiggy that I, admittedly, haven’t been using.  I started it really just so I could load sample videos for a project I was working on, but didn’t really do much else with it since the company went dark for a while right after the release of Stupid Teenagers Must Die!  But now that we’re back up and running, and I have content, I wanted to start posting stuff on it to raise company awareness and help promote the new items that are coming down the pipe!  We’ve got vlogs, behind the scenes videos and general muck that is perfect for the YouTube portal.

If you go to the Wiggy channel you won’t see those videos.  In fact, due to the privacy setting that I originally set back when it was just a preview page, it is virtually impossible to even find the channel.  Very early this morning I tried to log back in so that I could start the upload process and change all the settings and have something cool to both blog and tweet about on the Wiggy specific blog and Twitter pages.

I couldn’t log in.

It had been so long I had forgotten the login information.  I have a log that I use to keep track of old passwords just in case things like this happens, but the Wiggy YouTube info was not there.  Forgetting that I have since changed the Wiggy email – and no longer have access to the old account – I hit the password reset and now I’m screwed.

Totally screwed.

Just to rub salt in the wound, I’m pretty sure I know what the old login info is now and that gets me so mad at myself that my jaw is cramping right now!  But then shit gets even worse: so I go to the “help” section of YouTube thinking that I’ll be able to pop them an email with my sob story and have the problem solved by tomorrow.  Turns out they don’t do that, instead I was directed to the help forum, which is really just users talking about how they figured out how to fix things with the occasional official YouTube post about tough issues, none of which applied to me.  After a good twenty minutes of searching I found a post that said that there isn’t a direct email anymore and that I was probably just screwed.

I couldn’t believe it!  What the hell kind of tech company doesn’t have company sponsored tech support, especially when it is something that can be as buggy as YouTube?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  I was not satisfied with this so I went to the “Contact Us” section of the website and, again, no email but they do list a phone number and a physical address.  I decided to write a letter – I knew I wouldn’t have the time or be calm enough to call today – and I mailed them my tech support question.  Looked a little something like this:

I’m hoping against hope that they will be able to help me get back on to my Wiggy page, and I’m also kind of hoping that they email me just so I have an email on record for them!  I have a shoot to do tomorrow, but if I have the time I might try to call – I think I’ll be able to keep my composure.

What do you think about this lack of YouTube staff tech support?  Let me know in the comments.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Obnoxious! Any company that doesn’t have tech support of some sort to help people in situations like this and others is pretty ridiculous and annoying! Hope you get the problem resolved soon!

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