Project 365 5-5-2010 Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Fake Holiday Designed Only for Drinking!  I know that there is supposed to be a connection to Mexican Independence or something, but I have since been told by my Mexican friends that the only place you’ll see Cinco de Mayo celebrations are in Mexican restaurants and in Tijuana for tourists.  If I am wrong I welcome any education on the subject.  Please post it to the comments.

EDIT: Just found out that Cinco de Mayo celebrates the unexpected victory of the Mexican army against the formidable French army in the 1800’s.  Wikipedia confirms that Mexicans don’t really celebrate it. 

I found out my dog has made a routine for himself.  As I’ve been home with him I have learned how he likes to spend his day and it goes a little something like this:

  • Stay in Mommy’s bed until about 10am, give or take depending on who might be over sleeping (me).
  • Come out by the couch and lay down to get any last minute sleeping out of the way.
  • Around 10:30am or 11am eat.
  • Go to the back yard for morning “business” and to lay in the sun.  In case of in-climate weather hang out on the doggy “hammock” (an old patio ottoman that has been converted by Frankie with two of his old dog beds) and watch the rain.
  • Come back inside and head to “Frankie’s room” to look out the front window.  If laying in the sun was particularly grueling then take a nap on the floor.
  • When mail arrives see if Dad is paying attention so the mail can be attacked for entering the house uninvited.  If Dad is paying attention go lay on dog bed until released.
  • Go have a “meeting” (basically barking back and forth) with the dogs behind the backyard wall.
  • Run around the yard throwing the rope, occasionally stopping for brief “meetings” with the dogs over the wall.
  • Come back in, check out the house and resume watching out the front window.

Then the rest of the afternoon is spent doing the last three things until Rene gets home.  For a dog with not a care in the world, he has a schedule and he keeps to it.

I forgot to mention yesterday, because I was so frustrated with my shift/up arrow accident, that I did my part to help net neutrality.  Check out this post on the Wiggy VonSchtick blog.  Stuff like this is more important to anyone that uses a computer than you probably realize.  Yes, that means YOU!  This is really important and decisions are being made that will affect not just your connection to the internet but also your WALLETS, and I know that’s important to everyone.

The preparations for tomorrow night’s Iron Man double feature are now complete.  I picked up the last set of tickets at the theater tonight.  I completely forgot that it was Cinco de Mayo and got stuck in the traffic from a sobriety check.  My turn was before the check-point, but the back-up was still pretty bad.  Sounded like good times at the El Torito, though!  They had a big ol’ inflatable Corona can, which is the only decoration I need for any party.

Today’s picture is of the tickets:

As a weird side note, I think the left side of my face is evil.  All of my break outs are happening on the left side of my face.  Right side looks like a grown-up, left side looks like a 14 year old boy.

See you tomorrow!

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