Project 365 5-4-2010

Today nothing extraordinary happened.  Things happened, I know they did.  Like how I just deleted several lines of this blog on accident by hitting shift/up arrow at the same time and then the space bar.

I hate that!  I truly, truly hate that!  I love my netbook, almost more than my regular computer, but it has a slightly smaller keyboard so it’s easy to do the shift/up arrow trick.  I have lost whole pages of text to it.

Anyway, today was so mundane that today’s picture is of a pot of flowers:

The dutch angle makes it interesting.

See you tomorrow.


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2 Responses to Project 365 5-4-2010

  1. Next time you lose words, don’t get frustrated right away. Just hit “undo.” *^_^*

  2. It was too late for undo.

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