Project 365 5-30-2010 Registration

It was the first day in a long time when I didn’t have something due or had to be somewhere – it was delightful!

Rene and I made a very leisurely day of it and got very little done.

Around 1pm Rene decided that we should probably do something so we decided that it was the perfect day to complete our wedding registry!

Rene and I made our way over to Macy’s Home to complete our registry there before heading out to Target and Crate & Barrel.

We were greeted at Macy’s by Dustin.  He was very nice and when he printed out our existing registration the first words out of his mouth were, “Oh, you definitely have more to do!  Just scan, scan, scan and when the battery dies in the scanner we’ll give you another one and you go scan some more!”  It was a very enthusiastic way to begin the process.

My favorite part of planning for both of my marriages thus far has been registering.  I love the scanner guns and walking around stores zapping whatever I have even a passing interest in!  It’s like shopping – but there’s no limit!  There’s also no fear when you register because it’s all gravy.  I never expect gifts.  The way I’ve got it figured, after the age of twelve there is no reason to expect gifts on any occasion.  If someone decides to get you one then it is even more special.  I don’t know about you but my priorities changed after twelve and suddenly I started thinking of “life gifts” as opposed to gifty gifts.  That has just gotten amplified since I’ve been a full blown adult.  When they asked me what I wanted for my 28th birthday I said, “Mortgage payments for a year and a Sirius radio subscription.”  I got the radio.  Really miss it.  Although, don’t get me wrong, that same year I got a whole bunch of Games Workshop hobby crap that made me really happy – made all the more special by the fact that I didn’t ask for it.   Weddings are the same thing, I need, like, vacuums and major appliances.  China and Waterford crystal are not high on my list, but no matter what if people get us stuff from that registry I’m going to be stoked!

Here’s the uncomfortable part of the conversation: the faux pas of shopping off registry.

Reason it is uncomfortable: You are complaining about a gift that someone really thought you’d like – and IMHO any gift should be appreciated.

Reason it shouldn’t be done: I made a registry for a reason – I know what stuff I need.  Please don’t try and figure out what I may have missed and then get it for us anyway.

Example: First marriage: We had no interest in China patterns, crystal or decorative dishes.  We made a point to not add any of that stuff to the registry – even brought it up in family conversations.  Come the day of the wedding a caring aunt got us a Waterford Crystal bowl.  It was a very nice bowl, but we had no use for it.  It sat in it’s box in storage for two years before we split when it was given to me and, family forgive me, I attempted to sell it on eBay to help pay for the divorce.  No dice.  To my knowledge it is still in storage with some of my glassware awaiting an attic or, perhaps, another wedding where it will find a more appreciative home.

My advice, and it is advice I strictly follow: If you are in the position and of the inclination to buy a gift DO NOT stray from the registry!

Today’s picture is the final print out from Macy’s:

I wanted to add a picture of us at Target and picking things out at Crate and Barrel online, but I forgot to take those.

See you tomorrow!


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  1. Totally agree! The registry is there for a reason! That same thing happened to us when we got married, a few random gifts that we were like hmmmm…that’s not something we really needed.

  2. Felicia

    Lol I wish we could hit up those stores! My husband recently got the iphone barcode scanner and he went nuts at the Apple store (and yes he added a few items from Gamestop …sigh). good luck with your wedding planning! glad to know I’m not the only who likes to zap items onto my wishlist! đŸ™‚

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