Project 365 5-29-2010

Woke up.

Had coffee and an English Muffin with peanut butter.

Taught one of the strangest acting classes I’ve ever taught, eight kids of varying ages all in the same room.  Quite an experiment.

Got home and did minor shopping with Rene.

Celebrated Rene’s Dad’s birthday.

Sat down and have been in a bit of a daze ever since.

Here’s today’s picture:

It’s Frankie’s wound after a week of healing.  Looks a lot better than it used to.  He’s still our little Frankie-stein.  I missed the perfect picture this morning when I woke up of Rene and Frankie sleeping in the bed like mother and son and have been regretting it all day.  I’m hoping for another opportunity tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

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