Project 365 5-31-2010

I have a love hate relationship with three-day weekends.

My reasons for loving them are probably the same as your reasons for loving them, if you are a lover of three-day weekends:

  • No work responsibilities.
  • A unifying day off for friends and family through most industries.
  • An excuses to catch-up on the things that I normally can’t make a priority.

I’ve gotten so much sleep this weekend it’s silly and I’m afraid that I might get addicted to it.  Rene and I were allowed to run around and check things off the wedding TO DO list, and that’s never bad.  And today I got to eat flame cooked meat – twice!  We saw my sister and brother-in-law and the nephews and some friends who we haven’t seen in a long while!  Those are all great things about three-day weekends, this one in particular.

But then there are the troubles with three-day weekends:

  • Forced time off.
  • No one is around or available.
  • Financiers are shut down.

 There’s a movie to be made and every day that isn’t spent getting closer to that first shooting day is a day that the first shooting day is delayed – even weekends.  On a holiday like today that means one less day in the week to be able to communicate with the people that can make sure this project happens on time, and that stinks.  Even if you wanted to get things done, and there were a few things that I would have liked to have gotten done, you can’t because everyone either A) asks to talk about it Tuesday or B) isn’t even reachable.

I look forward to the day that I’ve got enough going on that I can firmly allow myself to completely shut down on a three-day weekend (although, admittedly I shut down pretty good over the last three days ;)).

Today’s picture is of me falling asleep:

See you tomorrow!

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