Project 365 4-28-2010

I don’t even know where the day went today.  I woke up early, thought I was getting things done and then, BAM!, it’s 5pm!  The whole month has been moving like this.  I either need my concept of time to change or I need to find a way to add more hours to the day.

A more realistic answer is to manage my time better – which I guess, technically, would add more hours to my day.  Silly reason making everything seem simple *sarcastic smile*.

Rene and I did get a chance to catch up with our friends G. Charles Wright and the Keatings for a drink at the Disneyland Hotel, and that was very nice.  Through the course of the discussion we found out that Rene and I will have the same wedding anniversary as Amber and John!  Crazy coincidence!

Today’s picture is one that I took of the rest of the group in an old Autopia car:

John is particularly stunning.

See you tomorrow!

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