Project 365 4-29-2010 Fontana’s Where?!

I went to Fontana this morning to see a man about a new reality show.  The concept for the show is awesome, so I’m not talking about it, but the drive to Fontana…!  Good gravy I had no idea that Fontana was so far away!  I meant to take a picture while I was there, but I just plain forgot.  Had some really good Mexican food while I was there, though.  Spicy salsa.

I was really tempted to just keep on heading to Vegas once I got on the 15, but good sense, and a half empty gas tank, made me think better of that.  I think Rene would have been a bit pissed as well if I went without her, rightfully so.

Today’s picture is what my workspace looked like at the end of the day:

That needs to get cleaned up.

See you tomorrow!

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