Project 365 4-2-2010 Wine Country

Of everything that happened today I would have to say that our trip over to Temecula Wine Country definitely earns the title of “Thing Worth Talking About in a Blog.”  As part of our wedding progress Rene and I headed down to look at some possible wedding venues.  Her first thought when we got engaged was to get married at a winery.  “Sure,” I said.  “But I was told that Temecula smells like cow poop.”

Whoever told me that was wrong, Temecula does NOT smell like cow poop and the wine country there is beautiful!  We took tours of a couple wineries including Falkner and Wilson Creek.  Both are great wedding venues that appeal to different things you might want.  In the end, if we decide that a winery wedding is the way to go, I prefer Falkner.  It’s more “home-y” and their package is really inclusive.  We also did a full tasting while we were there and they have a variety of really good wines (you select four to drink in unlimited amounts if you have your wedding there) that got Rene a bit tipsy.  Really we should have probably eaten first, Rene only had some cereal and coffee before hand, but it did not change the fact that the wine was good and we ended up making friends in the tasting room since we were a little “lubed up.”

We ended up eating at Wilson Creek at their Creek Side Grill.  The food was so good!  I think my favorite, oddly enough, was the Creek Side salad that we started off with.  The rest lunch was also REALLY good, but the salad was a seriously awesome salad.

Today’s picture is from our trip:

We’ll see next week which way we decide to go.

See you tomorrow!

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