Project 365 4-3-2010 Easter: Part 1

We went to my parent’s house for first Easter.  It was a small affair, just my parents, Molly and Shane and their kids, Uncle Skip and Rene and I.  As usual my mom made enough food to feed a small army and we did our best to eat it!  There was a seven layer dip with an Easter egg design made of cheese and lettuce with sour cream lightly dyed green for decoration.  It was pretty cool. There was also a full veggie spread, chips and salsa, and deviled eggs.  It was enough food to be a meal, but then there was more.

For dinner there was a ham, lemon herb chicken, corn, baked potatoes, salad and grilled asparagus.  I ate so much that my stomach literally distended.  I looked pregnant.  I joke about being old and fat now, but even Rene had to laugh and agree.  It was uncomfortable, but the food was so good I couldn’t stop eating.

To help work off the enormous caloric intake of the afternoon Rene and I made a trip to Target to grab a last minute Easter gift for nephew Dylan.  I showed him Repulsor Power Iron Man from when the first the first Iron Man movie came out.  It’s a pretty cool toy and Dylan really dug it so Rene and I thought it would be nice for him to have one.  They make a new one for the new movie and he loved it!  I got a call later that night that he fell asleep with his new Iron Man.  It’s always a pleasure to help make new Iron Fanatics.

Today’s picture is:

See you tomorrow!


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  1. WOW…that is SO cute, your mom is very creative!

  2. Thanks, I told her that you thought so and it made her very happy.

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