Project 365 4-18-2010

Stopped by the bookstore today among a series of other errands.  Rene had a mission: supplies for home including food, toilet paper and paper towels.  I wanted two things: Mrs. Field’s cookies and something to read.

Clearly one of us had our priorities in order.

I’ll let you discuss with your loved ones which one of us that was.

I really appreciate the simple joy that comes from a good cookie.  Since I was a kid my favorite has always been Mrs. Field’s.  I still judge every cookie I come across by Mrs. Field’s milk chocolate chip with nuts and most fall considerably short.  So my idea of the end of the evening was to sit down with something good to read and eat cookies.

We did the other errands, got the cookies (since it was the end of the day I got the last 10 milk chocolate with nuts – and they were on sale!!!!), and then we headed to the book store where I couldn’t decide on a damn thing.  Did I want a comic trade paperback?  Did I want to read “World War Z”?  Maybe even a movie biz book?  I couldn’t decide and every time I just picked something and started to walk to the register I got buyer’s remorse before I even got to check out.  With the number scripts that I should be reading and all the other stuff that just needs to get done I just couldn’t justify getting anything new.  That was frustrating.

Rene, on the other hand, was thinking with her brain and found these fun quiz books for people getting married!  We got those and took them home to take them.  I ate cookies while we did that.  We also scored very well.  I’d still like to read “World War Z,” but I need to finish Sebastian’s Rocket and three other scripts before I’ll feel comfortable doing that.

Today’s picture is of the quiz book:

See you tomorrow!

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