Project 365 1-24-2010 Arriving at The ‘Dance…

The last couple days worth of blogs are late.  All will be posted, along with the blogs for today and the rest of the week, by the end of the week.  Sundance was great, so great that I’ll be posting a few special blogs just about the festival in addition to the Project 365 – 2010 blogs.

But right now let’s talk 365!

Today’s picture is the view as we arrived at Deer Valley in Park City.

This year was another really snowy year in Park City.  It still wasn’t as cold as it was the first year we went, but it got pretty close.  When we arrived we were told that we had just missed a major snow storm that dropped something like four feet of snow.  This may have been hyperbole, but  there really was about four feet of snow all piled up next to the sidewalks.  And it was really nice powdery snow!  If I were a skier or snowboarder I think I would have insisted on getting a few runs in – not that we had the time for that.
This being a whirlwind trip, Rene and I had to make full use of every minute that we were there.  We got started by meeting the rest of the roomies at the condo and then went to The New Frontier to meet with the folks from  We missed them, but made arrangements to return when they did their panel at 8:30pm.
So we ran back to the condo in time to join everyone for a pasta party (excellent food James!) and a little conversation before heading back down to Main St, where we saw the panel and did stuff that we’ll show in the Sundance specific blogs, and then ran right back to get to the Fotokem Party which was AMAZING!!!!
Video and pictures to come, but I don’t mind saying here, it was awesome!
See you tomorrow! 

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