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Project 365 2-2-2010 Post Sundance Data Entry

Going to Sundance has been a great networking opportunity every time we have gone.  It is common place to return with a good size stack of business cards each trip.  This year was no different, even though we were only there for 27 hours.  I did find, though, that the quality of the cards was better this year, I think because of the fact that we had so little time and only went places where we knew we could do business.  But no matter how many business cards you have, no matter how many of them are actually good, eventually they have to be input to the contacts list. I did that today.  Data entry isn’t my favorite thing, but it is part of doing business no matter what business you’re in.  Google Sync and my Blackberry make it as easy as possible, but it’s still a time consuming process.  I also like to keep notes on each contact to help make sure I remember where I met them and who I know them through, etc, and all these steps just add to the time that it takes to get things done.

Today’s picture is a shot of my computer screen after I completed the data entry.

I also went over to Dean’s house tonight to watch the season opener of LOST.  He has a regular LOST group that he watches with and I think I’m going to join their little circle.  We had a really good time discussing the theories and how we think it’s going to end and the BEST part is that Dean leagally downloads the episodes WITHOUT ANY COMMERCIALS!!!  It was so nice! 

I think if I spent more time on this blog in particular I’d be able to draw a nice connection between the contacts data entry and cross referencing the information I remember from LOST and make a nice comparison about how the two actions are similar and act like a metaphor for life or something.  I should really work on expanding these more.

I’m going to go hit the hay, I’ve got two commercial auditions tomorrow and I’m still having a problem with the RAW Without a Box profile and there are five scripts left to read before I’m caught up on that – it’s a lot to do and I want to wake up early to try and get it all done.

See you tomorrow!

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Project 365 1-26-2010 Recovery Day

Got in from Sundance at 5am.  Slept.  Woke up.  Checked email, Facebook and Twitter.  Started organizing contacts.  Went to work.

Pic of the day is Frankie happy to see us.

See you tomorrow.

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Project 365 1-25-2010 A Full Sundance Day… Kinda’

Monday, a working day.  Just because you’re at a film festival, or maybe by virtue of being at a film festival, this Monday was no different.  I think that the last sentence was poor English, but I’m going to leave it as it is.

After very little sleep the night before, we were up bright and early to have breakfast with a representative from Fotokem.  Big ups and props to to Ray Morfino.  You are a gentleman and a scholar.  Then it was right back to work, well if catching a movie premier and a panel on film distribution can really be considered work.

Actually, the panel totally counts, but I’ll get to that in a second.

We saw the premier of “The Imperialists Are Still Alive!” which was good, but best described by Rene as “a very ‘Sundance’ movie.”  Then we raced to a panel on distribution.  It was supposed to be a panel that would shed new light on how independent producers can get distributed, but there was very little new information and it still goes to show that the best place to make money in the movie business is on the distribution side, but I’m letting my bitterness show too much.

After the panel we got some food and Rene sat in a seat where we had seen Parker Posey sitting a few hours earlier.  She tried to suck up as much “Indie Queen” energy as she could before we went to the Sundance Connectors Party.

Those few hours are still a bit of a blur for me.  I only know it was over because by 6:30pm we were back in the car and headed for home.  Which is where our picture of the day comes from – Rene’s cup of coffee had been sitting in the car over night and it had frozen to the bottom.  It was a coffee-cicle!

See you tomorrow!

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Project 365 1-24-2010 Arriving at The ‘Dance…

The last couple days worth of blogs are late.  All will be posted, along with the blogs for today and the rest of the week, by the end of the week.  Sundance was great, so great that I’ll be posting a few special blogs just about the festival in addition to the Project 365 – 2010 blogs.

But right now let’s talk 365!

Today’s picture is the view as we arrived at Deer Valley in Park City.

This year was another really snowy year in Park City.  It still wasn’t as cold as it was the first year we went, but it got pretty close.  When we arrived we were told that we had just missed a major snow storm that dropped something like four feet of snow.  This may have been hyperbole, but  there really was about four feet of snow all piled up next to the sidewalks.  And it was really nice powdery snow!  If I were a skier or snowboarder I think I would have insisted on getting a few runs in – not that we had the time for that.
This being a whirlwind trip, Rene and I had to make full use of every minute that we were there.  We got started by meeting the rest of the roomies at the condo and then went to The New Frontier to meet with the folks from  We missed them, but made arrangements to return when they did their panel at 8:30pm.
So we ran back to the condo in time to join everyone for a pasta party (excellent food James!) and a little conversation before heading back down to Main St, where we saw the panel and did stuff that we’ll show in the Sundance specific blogs, and then ran right back to get to the Fotokem Party which was AMAZING!!!!
Video and pictures to come, but I don’t mind saying here, it was awesome!
See you tomorrow! 

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Project 365 1-23-2010 Travel Day

Today was a hectic, hectic day!  After yesterday’s rush to get everything done, I woke up early to finish all the stuff that I didn’t do last night.  Actually, that went pretty quick, then I went to work, then left to get Rene.

That’s where things went a bit off the rails.

I had to pick up mail, Rene was a bit behind, we left later than expected, there were two accidents and two detours – but three states later, after a quick bite at Quigley’s in Barstow (really liked that place, found out too late they are known for their deserts), we rolled into Cedar City Utah at about 3am local time.  So I’m going to bed and hope you enjoy today’s photo: me eating a California Burger at Quigley’s.

See you tomorrow!

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Project 365 1-22-2010 Prep & Shoot!

Today totally flew by!  I really don’t have time to do much of a blog tonight so I’m going to keep it brief and kinda just toss out an update on the day.  Today was all about trying to tie up all the lose ends before we leave for Sundance tomorrow.  Not everything got done.

Rene and I also did a photo shoot  for the new merchandise for the band 7k.  That’s today’s picture.

Now I need to get some sleep – I still need to pack in the morning!

See you tomorrow!


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