Project 365 1-11-2010

It has not been a particularly target rich environment for photography today.  I’ve had work to do, writing to be exact.  In fact, as I write this, I have received notes on the first pass and a suggestion to wait until a different piece of the proposal is finished before going to a second pass because it may change the tone of the one-sheet. 

It’s ok, there’s plenty to do.  The photograph I have selected for today shows all of the items that have been very important today: my phone, computer and iPod.

The Phone: My phone is my life-line to everything I do.  Even though it rarely leaves my side, I’m still behind on getting back to people.

The Computer: Especially right now, I do as much writing for business as I spend time on the phone so the computer is essential.  Also, today is the day I re-install my drive back-ups so all of my info will be back on the healed desk top.  It’s a good day for the desk top.

The iPod: Ever since I got iTunes set back up I’ve been downloading my podcasts again.  I had 111 podcasts built up since December 5th.  I’ve been listening my ears off trying to catch up, but it makes work go by easy.

I have to get ready to teach for tonight and I’ve got a meeting set up for tomorrow so I’m going to go finish stuff up.

See you tomorrow!

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