Project 365 1-10-2010 The Taco Guadalajara

I had expected to talk about my drive and listening to podcasts today.  There wasn’t much else going on.  After yesterday’s “pink eye” fiasco, a fiasco I’m happy to say I’m mostly past, there wasn’t much else that I expected to be able to do, but because I’m no longer contagious and my eye looks back to normal we were able to go to our friend Mark’s birthday at Casa Gamino in Westminster.

It is always nice to see Mark, Karen and their baby Henry.  They are artists and have fabulous friends who are also artists.  There is a level of conversation that you can only reach by speaking with artists.  They have a unique outlook and it tints their point of view and makes for great conversation.  But even they aren’t what this blog is about.

I ordered a taco.

It was no ordinary taco.

It was The Taco Guadalajara.

Colon be damned!

Yes, it looks like it has a face.
Yes, I ate it!
…Well, half of it.  This thing is huge!  The rest is in the fridge.

See you tomorrow… maybe.

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  1. WOW…that thing is huge! Looks yummy though!

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