Gratitude 2013

Hollywood, and the entertainment business in general, is tough. There’s always a hustle happening and it doesn’t ever stop, even when you’re successful – in fact it can get even hustle-ier. It’s easy for this business to get you down, weigh on you and lead you down a path to cynicism.

But it’s very important to remember that  part of the reason why it is hard is because everybody wants to do it and if you aren’t giving it your all you can be replaced before you even realized what has happened!

All that being said, I truly believe there is no other industry like entertainment and if you are working in it you have every reason to be grateful. Every entertainment project is a team effort, whether it’s a film, T.V. show, record, play, musical, book, YouTube video… no one can truly do it completely on their own. We stand on the shoulders of our supporters and teammates and lift up into the world a bit of something that couldn’t have existed without everyone’s help. From the director to the make-up artist to the casting director to the music producer to the background actors to editor to the writer to the camera man to the sound technician to the production assistant to the personal assistant… they are all a part of the process. Parts of the puzzle that makes up the final work. And we can’t forget about the accountants and P.R. reps, A&R people, managers, agents, lawyers, all the folks that help keep the business moving (even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like it).

So I’m thankful that I am able to create as my job. I’m grateful for the struggle. I’m grateful for the work. I’m grateful when a project is completed and I’m grateful when a new one starts. I’m grateful for the friends that I have made in this business and I’m grateful that I get to share this with my wife. I’m grateful that I have a supportive family that was willing to help me follow my dream at such an early age and I’m grateful to my students who are letting me help them on their way through this crazy industry.

So this November as you’re dreading holiday dinners, calorie counts, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or any of the other cliched things that there are to dread I hope you will take some time out for yourself, take stock of what you do, and give thanks. Give thanks to the people who have helped you do what you do and even the people who have created obstacles to over come, after all sometimes we need a challenge to get the best possible result (just ask Steven Spielberg about Jaws).

You make things! That’s the coolest thing there is! Keep it up!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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