Workout, Water & Ray

I started my new workout on Monday (which is today as I’m writing but yesterday when this posts) which excludes the gym (I just don’t make the time to make the 1.5 mile trip) and takes away all the excuses that I manage to make for myself.  I really enjoyed it!  Frankie is my cardio and then I use body resistance (push-ups, bicycle crunches and I’m going to add pull-ups and chin-ups) for all the muscle stuff.  I never had a desire to be a  “buff guy” and my body type isn’t one where “buff guy” was going to happen, but I am definitely growing a gut (thanks early 30’s!) and I don’t like that.  I’ll let you know how it’s going.

I’ve been really dry the last few days.  Between the heat an running the A/C I’ve had a decent thirst and I’m drinkin’ water…

I really thought I was gonna’ take that somewhere.  In my brain I had a train of thought about drinking water that made sense to write but then I wrote it and it boiled down to “I was thirsty so I had water.”  That is not interesting.  It is anti-climatic and disappointing though.

So, to finish this up I’ve got the new “Story Time with Ray” video. Enjoy!

See you tomorrow!

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