Mobile Blog: Photo Test & A Cat

So when testing new things for the blog I could run the test, check it & delete it – but what fun is that!?!?!?

When I look at the blog, the entries that are photo-less don’t look as good as the ones with photos but I wasn’t sure if I could add photos via my phone. This post tests the theory that I can if they are attached to the entry like a picture attached to an email. If this works it will change all my Mobile Blog Entries.

You should see a picture of Brad the Cat. Brad had to visit us because he is a foster & looking for a home. He is a really sweet cat who LOVES people. He didn’t take to Frankie really well, but warmed up to him & so we believe he’ll do really well with other animals, especially if they are smaller than Frankie (50 lbs). He’s playful, curious & sweet & didn’t get into anything he wasn’t supposed while I saw him. If you are looking for a cat this would be a great choice. Oh, & he’s 5 years old.

If the picture doesn’t work then you’ll just have to trust me that he’s cute.

See you tomorrow!
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