BONUS POST! Pit Bull Activism

People know about Rene and my Pit Bull activism and that we like to help where we can.  This is one of those times.  Here’s the message from our friend:

My brother and his girlfriend volunteer their time at a Pit Bull rescue in San Diego and foster two themselves, which they have just recently fully adopted. Their love for the dogs is contagious and I have become a fan of them as the sweet, playful pups they truly are. Anyway, I know you are a fan of Pit Bulls too. 

The Union Tribune, in San Diego, is instigating another pit bull debate in SD. Please call 1(800)244-6397 ext. 2506 and let them know that we do NOT want pit bulls banned in San Diego County! (It’s all automated.) Press “2” to vote that it’s the owners’ responsibility and not the breed. And feel free to pass this on to others who might be interested.

I don’t fault the Tribune for holding a survey, but I hope that they will structure their article as fact based reporting versus exploiting a villainized breed. 
If you love Pitties too, please call in – especially if you live in San Diego!

Thank you!


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  1. My brother has had two pits and they have been two of the best dogs ever!!! They get along wonderfully with other dogs and love my kids to pieces! This breed gets such a bad rap – it’s the people who raise and handle them to fight and be aggressive that should be banned!

  2. Here, here babycsmama! Here, here!

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