Random Pictures

I have these pictures floating around on my desktop. I keep intending to use them for something, but I forget that they’re there since the internet is always open. so I’m posting them here as a way to share them and as a way to remind myself that I have these things.

Courage Wolf – This is my favorite of the series. It’s like a personal motto.

I would really like to turn this into a meme called “Blurry Dog.” Anybody want to help me with that?

This is a picture by my friend and Shmimprov colleague Miles Taber. I’m hoping that he’ll soon produce t-shirts and prints of his artwork. It’s all awesome. 

Photo by: Karen Halker-Miller
Happy Frankie was actually my cover photo on Facebook for a while. But I like his face here and maybe this gets meme’d out too?

This is just a cool bit of Iron Man art by Michael Cho. I know nothing about this artist, but HERE is what I found on Google.
See you next time!


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  1. I love that wolf, I can help you with the meme, I’m crediting myself for the happy Franky picture, and I’m learning that being sick has its advantages. You can catch up on blogs you haven’t’ check in months.

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