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One Of My Students Is A Meme!

I teach young actors and naturally I want them to work, and work they do, but this is the first time one of them has become a bit of an internet sensation!

That’s Ava in the picture above and she did a commercial for Google last year. It’s funny, take a look:

And now it’s been GIF’d and Tumblr’d and spread all over the internets!

Here’s a link to a Tumblr search for Martin Van Buren. She’s all over the place.

I’m very excited for her!

And a little jealous that she might get to meet Grumpy Cat.

Memes all know each other, right?

See you next time!

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Random Pictures

I have these pictures floating around on my desktop. I keep intending to use them for something, but I forget that they’re there since the internet is always open. so I’m posting them here as a way to share them and as a way to remind myself that I have these things.

Courage Wolf – This is my favorite of the series. It’s like a personal motto.

I would really like to turn this into a meme called “Blurry Dog.” Anybody want to help me with that?

This is a picture by my friend and Shmimprov colleague Miles Taber. I’m hoping that he’ll soon produce t-shirts and prints of his artwork. It’s all awesome. 

Photo by: Karen Halker-Miller
Happy Frankie was actually my cover photo on Facebook for a while. But I like his face here and maybe this gets meme’d out too?

This is just a cool bit of Iron Man art by Michael Cho. I know nothing about this artist, but HERE is what I found on Google.
See you next time!


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