Project 365 6-28-2010 The Road & Dirty Windows

I really need to wash my car!

Seriously, the dirt is starting to crust on it and I’m pretty sure that’s bad.

Well, maybe not bad, bad but having constantly dirty windows gets pretty dangerous.  I even clean them, almost daily, but something happens at night!  There must be extraordinary dew forming in the morning, but just enough to pool all the dust from the summer days on the windows of my car.  I was joking with Rene that I now have tinted windows just from the dust.

Today’s picture was intended to be an image from my typical commute home from the school and should look like this:

But when I took the first picture the flash was still on and it reflected off the windshield and looked like this:

That’s not just glare, folks, that’s filth.  I think a car wash and an oil change are in the cards for tomorrow.

See you tomorrow!


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2 Responses to Project 365 6-28-2010 The Road & Dirty Windows

  1. Good luck with the scrubbing

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