Project 365 6-27-2010 Babies.

Today, after school, Rene and I went to Disneyland to visit with our friend Erik and his baby, Lucy, since they are moving away to Washington.  I’ve never been all that comfortable will very small children.  Until they reach walking age I always feel like I’m going to break them.  Don’t get me wrong, I love kids!  Tiny babies are cute and adorable when they aren’t crying and in spite of my fears of breaking them I do hold and play with them.  Lucy, though, is a pretty neat baby.  At ten months she’s starting to talk, she walks and kind of sings – well, warbles in an attempt to sing.  Both of her parents are theater folks and it has already shown in her tiny personality.
Today’s picture is of me with Lucy:

I think we look cute.  I’m told that I look good with a baby in my arms and people keep asking Rene and I when we’re going to start having babies.  I tell them we have a dog.

Now I just tripped myself out about babies.

See you tomorrow!

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