Project 365 6-19-2010 New Flops

Today was graciously uneventful.  Rene and I were allowed to enjoy a simple shopping trip to pick up all the loose ends before Father’s Day.  Besides about twelve trips to Border’s Books, we stopped at Broadway Show Warehouse, initially to see if they had good, inexpensive work shoes for Rene, where I found a nice new pair of leather flops.  I’m pretty sure that was a run-on sentence.

I lost my old pair when my parent’s dog, Pete, ate them.  I like having leather flops, they keep my feet from smelling, they wear well and they take abuse well provided that the abuse is not from sharp puppy teeth.  I’ve been looking for a replacement pair for a while but could never justify spending $50 or $60 on a good pair that I liked.  The nice thing about Broadway Shoe Warehouse is that they have very healthy discounts – discounts that allow a guy to justify new flops!

Today’s picture is of my new flops:

I’m very excited to go tooling around this summer in these.

See you tomorrow!

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