Project 365 5-22-2010

As you’ve probably noticed these blogs are REALLY late.  I’m going to pretend that I’m writing on Saturday.

Woke up.


Came home.

It was a happily mellow kind of day… until the evening.

Let me start with what was easy about it – the morning and afternoon went exactly as planned, and when I got home Frankie and I played with his stretchy hippopotamus – a recent favorite toy.  We tugged and chased and whipped it around.  Unfortunately we were a little too much for the hippo ‘cuz he ended up like this:

It’s OK, though, the stretchy part is still in one piece and Frankie is still a really big fan of it.

Now to the evening…

…I have a habit of over booking.  I don’t ever intend to do it but I do, and really it wouldn’t be such a big problem if there weren’t so much time required to travel places, but it’s something I’m still working on.  My best friend Jeff had his birthday party tonight and I also needed to be at an Improv Shmimprov show at 11pm.

We managed to make both events, but there was more than a little stress making it happen.  It’s nights like this that remind me that I REALLY need to focus on my time management, especially as life gets busier.

See you tomorrow!

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