Project 365 4-20-2010

I hurt pretty bad today.  Tony, the personal trainer, is definitely making me work hard for my free sessions.  When I woke up this morning it was hard to sit up.

I am so out of shape.

The only exercise I could manage today was walking the dog (a little over two miles).  It hurt to bend down to pick up his poop.  Getting in shape for the wedding might kill me.

Did I mention that it rained today?  Cuz it did… but only when I had to be outside!  Like when I was bringing up the trash cans, and it poured, and then literally stopped pouring when I was finished so I looked like this:

Yes, that’s right, the picture for today is my soaked ass.  That sweater shouldn’t be that dark – it also shouldn’t weigh eight pounds.  Rain is wonderful when you’re not in it.

See you tomorrow!

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