Project 365 3-9-2010 The Meeting

We had a meeting at the Syfy Channel for an opportunity that came up in the process of preparing for our next movie.  We’ve been getting ready for it for weeks, you can look at yesterday’s blog for the DVD label.  The label on the DVD’s that needed to be re-burned at the last minute!  Today ended up being a mad dash to finish them in time for the meeting.  I tweeted earlier about how, no matter how much planning you do, it always seems like it comes down to the last minute to get things done.  Nothing gets my anxiety going more than technology that isn’t working the way that it is supposed to or than it normally does.  My friends, Scott and Liz, were a big help yesterday in getting me set-up and on my way (thanks guys!) and I was glad that when I got to the meeting I had about 10 minutes to calm down both from DVD frustration and fighting traffic.

Today’s picture is of the Universal City sign as I left the parking garage:

Brain is glue so I’m going to go.
See you tomorrow!

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