Project 365 3-6-2010 Pizza and Our Town

The day was typical for a Saturday until the evening.  Our plans were set for a show at the Long Beach Playhouse to see “Our Town” starring our friend Leslie Rivera.  Before tonight Rene and my only experience with “Our Town” was the episode of Growing Pains where Mike Seaver got a standing ovation and then went with his “Emily” to audition for the big city production.  Dawn Wells, Mary-Ann from Giligan’s Island, guest starred on that episode as the snarky casting assistant.

Before the show Rene and I got dinner at La Rizza’s Pizza House on 7th Street in Long Beach.  It’s been there for almost 50 years (50 years this June)!  We have eaten there one before and have kept looking for reasons to go back.  In its 50 years a slew of famous people have come by to eat.  Their names are emblazoned in cardboard and laminate over the appropriate booth or table.  Today’s picture is of our table placard: Elvis sat at our booth!

The salad was good, the garlic bread was good, and the pizza was good! It was really good! Good, good, good!  Also I was introduced to, what I am told is a major phenom, Full Throttle Saloon a reality show on Discovery.  It’s about a guy who owns a biker bar and all the characters who surround him.  There is a lot of pixleated nudity on that show.  It was surprising.

Then we went to the show!  We were surprised to see that it was a three act play with two intermissions.  I don’t remember that on Growing Pains!  We met up with other friends of ours at the show and had a good time.  Now that I have seen “Our Town” I can say that I have seen “Our Town” and that, at least, broadens my horizons of the play beyond a snarky Dawn Wells.

See you tomorrow!

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