Project 365 3-5-2010 Work, Movie and a Douche Bag Bar

Today was the definition of a wall-to-wall work day.  From what I know about working, whether it be in an office, in the movies, or whatever you may choose to do, they are very few times when every single minute that you are “working” you are actually doing or accomplishing something.  You might have a chance to hang by the water cooler or chat at another desk or just chill behind the cash register or fart around on Facebook.  But then there are those times when there is, literally, zero time between task A and B.  That was my Friday.  I think a lot was accomplished in that time, but I really didn’t get a chance to reflect because I had to jump on to the next task as soon as the first was completed.  I ignored my phone and email for twenty-one minutes to eat, but other than that my day was full from 9am to 6:25pm.  It was kind of neat, definitely exhausting.

Then I met up with Rene.  The night begins to blur from there as I started to become easily distracted.  Here are the evening’s events in no particular order.  We saw The Blind Side, the ninth of ten Oscar nominees that were tried to see.  Sandra Bullock was really good, but if I hadn’t known in advance that this was a true story I think I would have had a very hard time believing that it could happen.  Not that the situation is all that far fetched, but it felt like a really high budget after-school special, although I don’t want that to sound as mean as I think it might. The movie was really well done, but it all happened so fast and was so PG.  Not really the movie’s problem, it’s a personal gripe, but this is my blog so I can mention my personal gripes.

We also went ot Mongolian Bar-B-Que for dinner.  I finished my whole bowl and that is a feat for me given how high I pack my bowls there.  That story really isn’t interesting so I’ll move on…

We also joined our friend Oui and the band Starpool at The Slide Bar in Downtown Fullerton.  I love downtown Fullerton and the Slide Bar as a venue is pretty neat.  It’s a dash of real celebrity hang-out in OC, a rare find, but it is also a douche bag magnet.  I purposely try to avoid douche bag bars.  Douche Bag Bars (or DBB’s as I will refer to them) usually smell like cigarettes and puke and it’s hard to leave without witnessing a fight or two.  And probably getting beer spilt on you.  They are not my favorite way to spend an evening, however we got to Slide Bar early.  Rene wasn’t feeling well and we knew we’d have to bail before it got too late so we weren’t too concerned.  All was fine and we were having a great time until 10pm hit.  I have since been told that 10pm is also known as “Douche Bag O’Clock” and last night illustrated why.  As if on cue douche bags and trolls of all kinds started to come in bringing in the smell of puke and cigarettes and hitting on anything with a vagina.  We left before we saw any fights or got beer spilt on us, but it was a bit shocking to see such a high density of people who seem to truly pride themselves on being huge assholes.

Today’s picture is in Slide Bar before the invasion doing m,y best “drunk DB” imitation:

As you can probably tell for this authentic display of douche-baggary I have had some experience in this department, but I like to think that the d-bag portion of my life is now well behind me.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Haha…that’s funny. My sis has spent many a nights at the Slide Bar and I’m sure she can attest to the DBB action on more than one occasion. 🙂

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