Project 365 3-28-2010

Today was the last day for Spadra brunch, the weekly brunch that we used to do on Sunday mornings with a rotating group of friends.  Due to the illness of his parents, the owner has sold the restaurant to have the time to care for them.  It is a good reason to shut down, but a place as unique as Spadra will be missed.

There aren’t many restaurants where you can go in at 10am, eat breakfast, have a few pots of coffee, get a beer and then spend the rest of the afternoon on the patio just chatting the day away.  Really those days have been hard to come by the last few months, but when we could have them they were thoroughly enjoyed.

Spadra was a true “scene,” a place where like-minded people gathered together and shared a common experience.  There aren’t many places left where you can actually have a “scene.”  In fact the manufactured “scenes” that so many bars, lounges and restaurants try to produce have watered down what the idea of a real scene is so badly that when you experience a real one it is a bit overwhelming.  And in my life the only scenes worth a damn are the ones that grow all by themselves.  Manufactured scenes are just really elaborate planned parties – not nearly as much fun or as authentic.

Today’s picture is of Rene and I at our last Spadra brunch:

See you tomorrow!

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