Project 365 3-27-2010

Old friends and birthday parties, it was a nice way to spend a Saturday night.  I have had the same two best friends for nineteen years now.  Wait, I was just thinking about this and I actually met Jeff in 1989 and Scott in 1990 – it’s been over twenty years.  Wow!  I just blew my own mind live writing this blog right now!  We have seen some amazing adventures together:

  • We played Dungeons & Dragons for over a decade – shockingly we all managed to find a way to date even though we participated in this notoriously “nerdy” past-time. 
  • We all watched each other get our driver’s licenses.
  • We went through high school.
  • Got accepted to colleges.
  • Followed our varied career paths.
  • We lived together on MANY occasions.
  • Fights, aurguments, and even one unfortunate “friend break-up” with a longtime comrade.
  • We went through our first marriages together…
  • …and we are still friends as we all embarked on our second marriages.

It’s been a really amazing friendship and I am very grateful that through it all we have managed to maintain it.

Today’s picture is of Scott, Jeff and I:

Here’s to another twenty-plus years!

See you tomorrow!

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  1. That’s AWESOME, those types of friendships are so rare!! It’s so great to see that they still exist in some people’s lives!!

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