Project 365 3-29-2010 Is it just the moon or is it… Airwolf?!

Oh man, today was a looooooong day.  My brain is complete toothpaste.  I am very grateful that the kids were both well behaved and did good work tonight.  It actually feels like my brains are draining into my sinuses.  Rene tried, and I made a great effort toward, talking about wedding stuff, but eventually we have to submit to the fact that there was no way that my brain was going to be capable of taking in, thinking about, and then truly able to consider any information going to it.  She was also brain fried, so it worked out.  While she retreated to the comfort and joy of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs and Fantastic Mr. Fox I dipped my toe into the internet and came out with a foot covered in geek.  Between and I caught up on all things pop culture and geek.

Maybe it’s the full moon (today’s picture):

Or maybe it’s just what you are drawn to when your brains are turned into toothpaste, but I was alarmed by this story of a massive half-ton lead coffin found outside of Rome that might contain ancient weapons, an unholy demon who will bring about the end of the world, or a shit ton of Roman candy.  Read it and shake in fear with me as we wait for that one idiot scientist who says, “Let’s open it!” on December 21, 2012.

I also started doing some pretty massive research on “Airwolf,” the old TV show from the 80’s.  It’s not worth telling you why yet, but I think that this link is a pretty good start.

See you tomorrow!

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