Project 365 3-25-2010


  • Morning Strategy Meeting?  Check!
    • Happen to run into two friends I haven’t seen in a long while?  Check!
  • Get the elements for poster key art?  Check!
  • Contact the lawyer?  Check!
  • Reach Business associate between meetings?  Gah!
  • Teach?  Check!

It was a very full day today and I got almost everything done.  When things start moving they start moving fast, and I love that!

There was also a lot of driving to do today.  Enough driving for my ass to fall asleep.  All the driving inspired today’s picture:

This is a stretch of road near the end of the L.A. part of my day.  It was a welcome sight after traffic.  Now I need to read a script for a meeting.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. I wish you luck on all your endeavors. It’s nice to see that someone else who does a lot of driving {I’m a courier of rare blood throughout South Louisiana} has a numb rear after a long drive.

    I saw the ad for V below your post. I think I might have dated Anna or her sister a few years back!

    Come check out my blog if you have a nano-second left over from all your tasks : WRITING IN THE CROSSHAIRS _

    Take a moment to enjoy the beauty around you. It won’t pass your way again in quite the same way. Roland

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