Project 365 3-24-2010

Yesterday’s blog we were able to announce the new show that we are developing with the Syfy Channel, today began the long road that is “the deal.”  It’s all lawyers and agents from here on in, then show bibles and meetings with the other creatives.  It’s good work, it’s fun work, but there’s a lot of it before there’s a show actually broadcasting.  That being that, I’m really excited to get started!

But let’s not forget that there’s still a movie to be made!  Cheerleaders Must Die! is still going and we’re doing all that we can to get that up and shooting by the summer.  That stuff is with the lawyers too.

With all the hoops and minutia that anyone has to go through it’s easy to see why it can take literal years for a movie to get off the ground.  It seems like everything takes longer than I think it will.  That can be frustrating, but a little frustration when you get to do what you want for a living is certainly a cross I’m happy to bear.

Today’s picture is of my computer:

It is of some very nice comments from some very nice people on my Facebook page.  I’ve had the very good fortune to have a few really great life moments happen back to back what with my engagement to Rene and then the show and some of the other stuff that I can’t go public with yet.  It is really nice to have all of the support and congratulations, makes me feel pretty special.

Thank you all very much!

See you tomorrow!

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