Project 365 1-8-2010 Livin’ the Dream

Today I spent a good part of  the day in a Burbank editing bay with my friend and director buddy Zeke.  We were working on the project that I can’t really tell you about and it is awesome!  I know this isn’t much different than yesterday’s blog, but it’s been a good end to the week.  Sitting, being creative and bouncing ideas off of someone of a like-mind is just about the easiest work day ever.  Doesn’t hurt that you can dress as casually as you like too.
We’ve officially passed the week mark, but I have no idea how – this week just zoomed by.  It is possible, because of a very packed schedule, that I won’t be able to post my weekend blogs until Monday, so there may be a post tomorrrow and there might not – either way there will be a picture for both days.
See you tomorrow!

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