Project 365 1-7-2010

I realized yesterday as I was scheduling my blog for the 6th that my Project 365 – 2010 blogs will actually show up the day after they happen.  That way I have time to write a thoughtful blog rather than just blurt something out, so you are reading this blog about the 7th on the 8th.  It’s my own form of time travel.

Today was mostly filled with phone calls and I took some pictures of my phone set-up and of my work space, but as I looked back on the day the one thing I remembered most was reviewing the first cut of the “A” roll on a project I’m working on.
Cool right?

Entertainment is a very tough business to make a living in.  There are 10,000 people for every job – no matter how the economy is doing – and the only way to really keep working is to never stop working.  You always need to hustle your ass off because there is someone who will pick up the slack if you aren’t willing to do the work.

That being said, there’s a reason people will crawl over their mothers to get in this business – it’s just so damn cool!  And it’s fun!  I can’t tell you why there’s a zombie on the screen, but you can just see that it’s cool – and this is just behind-the-scenes footage!  In my darkest hours, when things just aren’t working and I’m broke and it looks like all the best parts of my career are behind me, I think about what it would be like to chuck it all away, become a wage slave in a cube somewhere and just live out a standardized “normal” life with regular paychecks, and a single W-2 at the end of the year.  But then I get to watch stuff like the scene above and all of that rushes away and I remember why I started doing this in the first place, why it’s the only job I’ve ever really wanted and why, no matter how bad things get, I will die before I ever give it up.
Do what you love and never work a day in your life.  So I guess I can say that, for all the ups and downs, I’ve barely worked a day in my life and that feels pretty good.
See you tomorrow!

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