Project 365 1-30-2010 Date Night!

Saturdays are pretty regimented.  I wake up.  I teach.  I go home.  Possibly we go do family stuff afterward.  Sometimes we just stay in.  On very rare occasions when there is nothing else to do Rene and I have the opportunity to have a date night – just like this last Saturday!  Originally we were supposed to go to a benefit for the earthquake in Haiti, but through a series of circumstances we ran out of time to be able to make it thus leaving us with a free evening.

We made a trip to a restaurant in Fullerton called Rutabagorz, where over a decade ago we had our first date!  They serve mostly vegetarian food and even though I’m a certified carnivore I have grown an appreciation for vegetarian stuff.  You also get a lot of food for your money.  The salads come in giant plastic bowls and it is easy to make multiple meals out of one dinner!  I had the Cocky Leeky soup – a cream of chicken and leek soup.  It was great!  Rene had the Chef salad and it was enormous!  I encourage you to go check it out on her blog.

After that we went to The Olde Ship pub.  It is as authentic an English pub experience as you’ll find in the states.  We enjoyed a few pints and some conversation.  I found out just how much the English folks who live in Fullerton  hate Arsenal and that I’m not alone as a Manchester United fan, although if we’re going to hang out there I might want to get caught up on how the games are going.

It was a great night and I hope that we can do it more often.

Today’s pic is one of the murals at Rutabagorz.  I really liked it.  something about it strikes me and sometimes that’s enough.

See you tomorrow!

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