Project 365 1-20-2010 Wednesday Class

Wednesday: Tweens class.  It is also one of the times that we do introductory presentations to the school so Wednesdays can be pretty crazy, but it’s a manageable crazy.  I start off class with a quick warm-up game then the kids practice their introductions(we call them “slates”) and then I run them through a series of sample commercials.  They take a short break and then the kids practice being in front of strangers by doing their commercials in front of the folks at the presentation.  I welcome the people and introduce the kids.  That’s today’s picture.

After the the presentation I do a “postmortem” with them and then we work monologues for the next 45 minutes.  The organization is very clinical and carefully laid out to to establish a pattern for the kids to follow.  It requires them to sit a lot and pay attention to their fellow young actors, a task that they can all use a little practice on.  It’s the first step into the world of the adult actor.  Each student is allowed to progress at their own rate so some of them are still “walking/talking props” and some are starting to become little Haley Joel Osments, totally depends on the kid.

I’m really proud of our current crop!  We’ve got multiple working kids and the rest will be in just a matter of time.

See you tomorrow!

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