Monday Pluggin’ and A Hint of Things to Come…

Getting the plug out of the way first: NEW STORY TIME WITH RAY!!!!!!!

OK, so other things that get repeated in here too often: very busy, shooting stuff, working on papers for new projects, blah, blah, blah – all of this is still true, but for those of you who remember that I have a geeky side – and I know you’re out there – the geekness is back – and I’m taking pictures!

I’m not going to put it in this blog, today is about Ray, but soon (maybe tomorrow?) you’ll see the geeky underbelly and what I’ve had time to do since Rene has been doing her professional intensive at SCR.  Might have to go into that in more detail as well.

Anyway, enjoy Ray, subscribe, etc.  I’ve got to get back to work!

See you tomorrow!

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