Lebensraum: Two More Dates!

Hey folks! Lebensraum is a great show. We are getting great response and were given a standing ovation this past Sunday. On a even better note – the show is selling well. You should come see this show. You should also get your tickets early to make sure you can see it.

For $10 a ticket it’s some of the cheapest entertainment out there right now and it’s in the heart of Downtown Fullerton so it makes it very easy to make an evening of it.

You can see me beaten to death, fall in love, harass an old man and play an old woman – are you curious yet? For those of you who may not know yet, this show is about what might happen if Germany invited 6 million Jews to return to Germany, to live as citizens and try to make up for the Holocaust. Three actors play over forty characters as the play explores all the different possibilities that might happen if this were to occur.

Tickets are available now! Hope to see you there!

See you tomorrow!

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