Wine Blog – This Might Be A Horrible Idea

Is this blog about wine?


Is it fueled by wine?


Particularly a Lanzarac 2004 Chardonnay that has been in the fridge a smidge too long and smells like old gym socks but still tastes surprisingly good – like a stinky cheese.

Cheese sounds really good right now. And crackers.

The wife and I are feeling conflicted right now about our enjoyment of “Jersey Shore” since it is the kind of TV candy that rots brains faster than a tooth in a glass of Coke/Pepsi. But we enjoy it so much!  The premiere was on tonight and I think that they are starting to show some strain. The relationships just felt a little more forced than previous seasons, but after hearing that a few of them left early during the filming of the next season I guess that isn’t such a stretch.

I’m gonna’ eat a Hershey bar.

See you tomorrow!


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  1. Hahaha I never though I’d come across an article that talks about Jersey Shore and wine. Makes for a short and fun read. Looks like you enjoyed your glass of chardonnay.

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